Pet memorial plaques

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is an emotional and difficult situation.  After years of love and care, and countless moments of companionship and dedication, it is painful to let go. Giving them a meaningful farewell is a special way to express our love, and cope with the loss.

pet memorial plaque serves as a solid memory of the friendship and a reminder of your bond. Commemorating your pet will help you overcome the painful loss, concentrating on the wonderful life it lived. Memorial plaques for pets will ensure your beloved pet’s memory is forever cherished.


We produce pet memorial plaques with utmost care and sensitivity. In most cases they are small in size. They are available in a selection of colors, shades and textures. Being that they are usually mounted on gravestones, or placed in gardens, the plaques receive a special protective coating to endure outdoor conditions.

The pet memorial plaques can be engraved to state the details of his life, and anything else that will preserve it’s memory. An illustration of your pet can be engraved as well. Visit our gallery of animal memorial plaques to find what suits you most.


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