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Mounting Options

Please choose an option that will work best for your desired mounting space.
All of the installation options are simple and do not require a professional.

  • No Mounting Holes

    No Mounting Blackened Brass Metal Plaque $350.0

    For framed plaques or a self-adhesive installation.

    Start at 350$

  • 2 Mounting Holes

    2-Mounting-Black_Brass $350.0

    The mounting holes can be placed on the sides of the plaque, or…

    Start at 350$

  • 4 Mounting Holes

    4-Mounting-Black_Brass $350.0

    Ideal for larger plaques, will help secure the plaque firmly in place.

    Start at 350$

  • Beveled Edges

    Beveled-Edges-Black_Brass $390.0

    This option comes with a wooden frame the size of your plaque that…

    Start at 390$

  • Metal post

    Metal-Post-Black_Brass $480.0

    A single metal post, around 30-40 inches long. The post can hold a…

    Start at 480$


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