What is a metal plaque?

The plaque is a metal disk that is usually adorned with an inscription, seal, figure, or emblem. It is used to commemorate an event of some sort and serves as recognition for the person or group who was honored

The plaque is commonly used in awards ceremonies. For example, the President’s Medal of Freedom is presented by the president of the United States to individuals who have made significant contributions to society. The plaque features George Washington delivering his farewell address.

Some plaques are issued by sports governing bodies, such as the FIFA World Cup championship medal which comes in gold or silver and features a full-color image on black enameled metal.

Different types of metal plaques

Metals plaques are a unique gift to commemorate a special occasion in a person’s life. They can be personalized in many different ways in order to create the perfect gift for any occasion or a unique way to remember a loved one.

There are three types of metal plaques:

  • Slips – this is ideal for laying flat on a table or desk and the recipient fills them in with messages and photos over time.
  • Wall Plaque – these flat metal plates last longer than slips but not as long as a mounted plaque. They can be designed with images, text, and even QR codes that link back to the website of the company that made them or personal websites.
  • Mounted Plaque – these metal plaques are mounted on wood or other material and do not need framing since they stand up.

Why choose metal plaque?

If you are looking for quality plaque, metal is the best option. It is durable and looks amazing. Plus, it doesn’t rust when exposed to humidity like the traditional ceramic plates do.

If you want to stand out with your plaque design, metal may be the best choice for you. It can bring a touch of sophistication to your work with its reflective properties and sleek finish.

Choosing metal over ceramic may also save on cost in some cases.


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