Where Can I Get A Plaque Made Near Me?

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To find a place near you where you can get a plaque made, you can explore various options, including local businesses, engraving shops, trophy stores, and craft stores. Here are some places where you might be able to find a plaque-making service near your location:

  1. Local Engraving and Trophy Shops:
    • These types of shops often specialize in creating plaques for various purposes, including awards, recognition, and commemoration. Look for engraving or trophy shops in your area.
  2. Craft and Home Improvement Stores:
    • Stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and local craft stores might offer plaque-making materials and services. You could find both pre-made plaques and materials for DIY projects.
  3. Signage Companies:
    • Companies that create signs, banners, and displays might also offer plaque-making services. Check if there are any signage businesses nearby.
  4. Artisan Studios:
    • Look for local artisans, artists, or woodworkers who specialize in creating custom plaques. They might offer personalized designs and handcrafted quality.
  5. Local Print Shops:
    • Some local print shops offer engraving and plaque-making services as part of their offerings.
  6. Jewelry and Gift Shops:
    • Some jewelry or gift shops might offer personalized plaques, especially for special occasions or memorials.
  7. Internet Search:
    • Use search engines to look for terms like “custom plaques near me,” “engraving services near me,” or “trophies and awards near me” to find businesses in your area.
  8. Word of Mouth:
    • Ask friends, family members, colleagues, or community members if they know of any local businesses that offer plaque-making services.


When considering a place to get a plaque made, be sure to check their reviews, portfolio, and pricing. Visit the store or contact them to discuss your requirements and get a better idea of their capabilities and offerings. Additionally, inquire about any regulations or guidelines if you’re getting a plaque made for a specific location, such as a park or public space.

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