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blackend brass wall memorial plaque


Create your own plaque simply by using our order form.

You will be able to choose the metal type, color, size, engraving fill color and of course, design. The plaque can be designed by us according to your specifications, or you can choose to supply your own design, and we will be in touch with your designers if needed.
The plaques are delivered directly to you within 14 business days of confirming all aspects of the order.


  1.   Choose the size you want
  2.    Submit a sketch or text
  3.   Select a metal type
  4.   Select an assembly option
  5.   Fill out personal information and pay by credit card

We'll send you a grafic proof for confirmation before we start producing

stainless steel memorial plaque

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Memorial/recognition plaques made of different metals that are suitable for indoors or outdoors.
Price is based on size only, regardless of the amount of text.
Easy to calculate price of plaques online, so you can create a plaque with a design that suits your budget.
Standard shipping charge for plaque order anywhere in the U.S.A. and Europe.
We are committed to excellent service, punctuality, affordable prices and high quality products.
Please contact us by email for consulting, design and order of any plaques online.


The plaques are delivered directly to you within 14 business days of confirming all aspects of the order.


Semi-Custom Plaque

Tree Plaque
$ 190
  • Size: Height: 5 inches Width: 8 inches
  • Material Type: Stainless steel
  • Installation: Stake on the graund
  • Free Shipping

Recognition plaque
$ 350
  • Size: Height: 13 inches Width: 10 inches
  • Material Type: Blackend Bronze
  • 0.5 mm raised letters
  • Installation: 1 cm edge for a wall installation
  • Free Shipping
special edition

Ellipse tree plaque
$ 230
  • Size: Height: 4 inches Width: 8 inches
  • Oval
  • Material Type: Stainless steel
  • Installation: Stake on the ground
  • Free Shipping


“I have just received my photo plaque from Plaque-Direct, and I’m totally thrilled! The price was fair, the order process was easy to go through the sales representative was attentive to all my questions and requirements. Most Importantly the photo plaque looks fabulous! I ordered it as a gift for my parents, and had a family photo engraved on it, so the engraving is very intricate. (How did they do that??) The metal has a beautiful finish to it, giving the plaque a very impressive look. I ordered an additional plaque for myself, and am waiting for it to arrive now.”
Steve Menson
“I am highly impressed by Plaque-Direct’s Products. I had a memorial plaque engraved, in memory of my father, and the result met all my expectations. I don’t know about the other colors, but the half-blackened brass is very elegant and sophisticated. They designed the plaque for me, and were very patient, making changes until I was satisfied. The plaque arrived on time for the ceremony, and was easy to install. I definitely would recommend Plaque Direct to anyone looking to purchase a plaque online.”
Sam Sewell
We’ve been purchasing industrial plaques for our company’s warehouse, from Plaque Direct, for over three years now. When ordering large quantities of plaques, it’s hard to trust an online company, but the years have shown Plaque Direct’s honesty and reliability. The quality of the plaque’s are outstanding, and the older plaques are no less impressive than the newer ones.”
Linoy Ariel Seidman‎‏
factory owner