Metal type guide

Stainless steel-no mounting holes

Stainless Steal

Stainless steel is a steel alloy with chromium that has a grey-silver appearance. The stainless steel etching process very intricate. Stainless steel is the optimal metal for outdoor conditions. It is advisable to inform us of the plaque’s mounting location, being that there are different types and surface finishes of stainless steel to suit the environment the metal must endure. Stainless steel for indoor use receives a special coating to hide fingerprints, and stainless steel for outdoor use receives protective coatings to prevent them from rusting.

brass- 4 mounting holes


Yellow brassĀ (Glossy Brass) is an alloy composed of copper and zinc elements. Its color is similar to gold and it has an elegant and sophisticated appearance. It is appropriate for indoor use only, with dry conditions, because moisture can cause blotching on the metal. The brass is coated at the end of the production process with a protective coating, but the coating loses its effectivity if used long term outdoors.

no mounting holes

Blackened brass

Half Blackened Brass, is also an alloy composed of copper and zinc elements. Through a chemical process, we give it brief exposure to oxygen, causing it to partially blacken. We control the exposure and can stop it at any time. The color of the brass is gold, with darker areas, and is suitable also for outdoor use.

black-no mounting holes

Blackened brass

Dark Brass is also an alloy composed of copper and zinc elements. Through a chemical process we expose it to oxygen, causing it to completely darken. It oxidizes especially in the engraved areas, we therefore fill the engraved areas with a light color, for good contrast.

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