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One of the most noble and selfless life missions is serving one’s nation’s military. Army service is based on pride and loyalty, and demands a lifestyle only the strong-minded and brave can live up to. Willing to give the highest sacrifice, these heroes deserve sincere recognition in memorial parks, bases and buildings – as they established our freedom, and secured the safety of our ancestors.

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Stainless steel OR Brass/Bronze plaques

Military memorial plaques are a beautiful way of honoring the veteran, and showing respect to his family. The military plaques usually contain dates and details about the veteran’s life, army service and death. The plaque can be used as a dedication in buildings, bases, ships and parks, or can be hung in any other location, which will honor and commemorate him.

Military plaques are usually more conservative looking, and bronze or copper metal is the most popular choice, although other metals can be used as well. Military service plaques that are meant for outdoor use, receive special protective coatings to preserve the metal. The plaques can be engraved with dates, details, sayings, emblems, flags and even portraits.

The slider gallery can help you get an idea of the different military memorial plaques available. Explore the options available, and determine which will suit your needs best.

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