Industrial Signs

Signs for industrial plants and power stations

Plaque Direct offers a wide variety of industrial signs for companies, offices and shops.                                                               They can be produced in single units for small businesses, or in quantities for larger companies.                                       Whatever the case is, the plaques are produced with the utmost care and attention.


We are equipped to produce custom stainless steel signs that are completely acid tolerant for large companies and warehouses. We provide these stainless steel signs in large quantities to electric companies, chemical plants and other factories around the world.

When ordering industrial signs, you can choose to either provide us with your own graphic design, or send us a list in an Excel file and we will prepare the layout for you. You are welcome to order a sample plaque, which will produce for you expecting no further commitment.

Whether you’re looking to order several plaques for your office, or you need a large supply of signs for a factory, Plaque Direct will guide you through the process of ordering, designing and installing the appropriate plaques.


$1 per inch

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