Memorial Photo Plaques

A picture is worth a thousand words.
And while most memorial plaques are all about dates, life details, poems and saying, it is clear why the memorial plaque with photo is gaining popularity nowadays. A portrait, drawing or other picture is always more noticeable, more personal and more touching than a memorial text plaque.


Here at Plaque Direct, we specialize in creating memorial plaques with pictures, illustrations and sketches. When ordering your memorial photo plaques online, you can be sure that your cherished friends, relatives and leaders will be commemorated in a very beautiful way.

There is a variety of colors and shades to choose from, different types of metals, and installation possibilities for both indoors and outdoors. Our graphic design department can create you an illustration based on your photograph that is suitable for engravement. Adding text to your memorial plaques with photo is also an option, or have the image speak for itself.

Whether made to be hung up in public, or made to keep as a personal memory. If they display a family photo, or a portrait of an individual you miss. Ordering your photo memorial plaques through Plaque Direct will guarantee you they look their best.


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