Engraved Plaques

Plaques are commonly used to display information, commemorate, award or simply to impress. They are hung on walls, doors, or buildings, or mounted on stands and other platforms. Engraved plaques are sturdy, require little maintenance and last for years.


The engraving process is complicated and requires not only professional equipment, but experience and expertise. Before the actual engravement, there are preparations to be made.The plaques are formed of brass or stainless steel, which receive a special chemical treatment to create various colors and textures. The design and text are prepared in advance by a graphic artist. A pdf document is prepared, in which all black areas are engraved, and white areas are left untouched.

The plaque engraving is done by professional CNC and pantogrogh engraving machines, and with acids by photochemical machining technology. Images logos and texts can be engraved with great precision. To highlight the engraved areas in theengraved plaque, they are filled by a contrasting or complimenting shade of color.

Plaque Direct is dedicated to producing beautiful, top quality engraved plaques. The color, shape and design is up to you, and our team of designers can help you style the engravable plaques according to your expectations. Browse our gallery to see the


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