Thank You Plaques

Sometimes saying thank you just isn’t enough. Too simple. Too easy. They deserve more. Well, here’s a way to enhance your gratitude, without making it too difficult for you.

Send your appreciation in the form of a thank you plaque! Thank you plaques are a great way for expressing your gratefulness in a more profound way than just simply saying thanks, without straying from the topic with some unsuitable gift.

Furthermore by sending a thank you plaque, your gratitude is expressed not only when the plaque is received. Every time the recipient sees the plaque he will be reminded of your token of appreciation.


We here at Plaque Direct we are more than happy to assist you in choosing and designing the most perfect thank you plaques. The plaques can be ordered online in various colors and sizes, with optional coatings for outdoor use.

You can have our graphic experts design your thank you plaque while you oversee, making sure it fits your taste. You won’t have to limit your words, since the price of the plaque isn’t determined by the length of the text only by its size.

We are sure that your thank you plaques will be impressive and greatly appreciated, since no one regrets choosing Plaque Direct.

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