bronze plaques

One of the more popular engraved plaques nowadays is the bronze or brass plaque. It comes in form of memorial signs, recognition plaques, or plaques for businesses and institutions.

There are various types of bronze plaques available. The color ranges anywhere from gold to black, depending of the production process. The finished product can be a clean gold look, half blackened antique style or blackened dark brass

Some of the bronze plaques are suitable for outdoor use, and others only for dry indoor conditions, depending on the coating. Like the rest of our products, when used in the right conditions, they stay beautiful and impressive for many years.


Being that bronze plaques are suitable for outdoor conditions, they are commonly used as memorials for people, events and animals. Memorial bronze plaques are a beautiful way to show respect to loved ones, and cherish memories. The bronze memorial plaque can be installed on stone, brick or wood surfaces.

Plaque Direct offers you will find an impressive selection of custom bronze plaques to choose from. Take a peek at our gallery to determine what suits you most. The bronze plaque can be engraved with your logo, text and other design preferences to best suit your needs. 


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