Plaques are used for indication or display of information, they express emotions, such as respect, appreciation and grief. Memorial signs, recognition plaques, address plaques, garden signs, plaques for businesses and institutions are but a few of the more popular uses of custom metal signs.

The plaques are made of Stainless Steel or Brass.

Plaque engraving is done both by Pantograph engraving machines and CNC, and by etching with acids through photochemical machining technology. This technology enables engravement of images logos or text with great precision.

The engraved area is then filled with a color of your choice. When intended for outdoor installation, the metal sign will receive a protective coating, which ensures durability in all weather conditions.


Here at Plaque Direct we offer different products for all purposes and occasions. Whether intended for indoor or outdoor use, to be hung up on a wall or to be presented at a ceremony, we are here to guide you as you buy a plaque, customizing it for the perfect appearance.

Scroll through our gallery to discover the engraved plaques and signs that suit your needs best.


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