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Writing on a memorial plaque should be heartfelt and meaningful, as it serves to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. The inscription on a memorial plaque can vary depending on your relationship with the deceased and the purpose of the plaque. Here are some ideas for what to write on a memorial plaque:

  1. Name and Dates:
    • Start with the full name of the person being remembered and their dates of birth and passing.
  2. In Loving Memory Of:
    • A common phrase that expresses the purpose of the plaque. For example, “In Loving Memory Of [Name].”
  3. Personal Message:
    • Consider adding a personal message or sentiment that reflects your feelings or the deceased’s character. For example:
      • “Forever in our hearts.”
      • “Cherished memories last a lifetime.”
      • “A life well-lived.”
  4. Quotes and Poems:
    • Select a meaningful quote, verse, or poem that resonates with the deceased’s life or your relationship with them. Poetry can often convey emotions beautifully.
  5. Religious or Spiritual Inscriptions:
    • If the deceased had strong religious or spiritual beliefs, you can include relevant verses, prayers, or blessings.
  6. Accomplishments and Achievements:
    • Highlight significant accomplishments or contributions of the person being remembered. This is particularly relevant for plaques in public places or institutions.
  7. Familial References:
    • Mention the person’s role in the family, such as “Beloved Mother,” “Devoted Father,” or “Loving Grandmother.”
  8. A Brief Biography:
    • Offer a concise biography or life summary of the deceased, focusing on key milestones, interests, and qualities.
  9. Acknowledgment of Grief:
    • Acknowledge the grief and loss felt by those left behind. Phrases like “Gone but not forgotten” or “In our hearts forever” can convey this sentiment.
  10. Custom Message:
    • Craft a custom message that reflects your unique relationship with the deceased or captures their essence.
  11. Symbolic Elements:
    • Consider adding symbols, images, or motifs that hold special meaning to the person being remembered. These can be integrated into the design of the plaque.
  12. Signature:
    • Sign the plaque with your name or the names of family members if desired.


Remember that the inscription should be a heartfelt tribute, and you should choose words that resonate with your emotions and the essence of the person being honored. Take your time to reflect on the person’s life, personality, and impact when crafting the inscription. If you’re unsure about what to write, you can also seek input from other family members or friends who share a close connection with the deceased.

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