What Are Some Memorial Sayings?

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Memorial sayings, often found on plaques, gravestones, or in condolence cards, offer comfort, remembrance, and tribute to the deceased. These sayings can be religious, philosophical, or simply heartfelt. Here are some memorial sayings and quotes that you can consider:

General Memorial Sayings:

  1. “In Loving Memory”
  2. “Forever in Our Hearts”
  3. “Gone but Never Forgotten”
  4. “Always Remembered, Never Forgotten”
  5. “In Our Hearts Always”
  6. “Cherished Memories Live On”
  7. “To Live in the Hearts We Leave Behind Is Not to Die”
  8. “In Loving Remembrance”
  9. “Rest in Peace”
  10. “Those We Love Don’t Go Away, They Walk Beside Us Every Day”

Religious Memorial Sayings:

  1. “Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them, O Lord”
  2. “God Has You in His Keeping; We Have You in Our Hearts”
  3. “Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, for They Will Be Comforted” – Matthew 5:4 (Bible)
  4. “May Their Soul Rest in Peace” (Catholic tradition)
  5. “In God’s Care”
  6. “The Lord Is My Shepherd; I Shall Not Want” – Psalm 23:1 (Bible)
  7. “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant” – Matthew 25:21 (Bible)
  8. “We Will Meet Again in Heaven”

Poetic Memorial Sayings:

  1. “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep; I Am Not There. I Do Not Sleep.” – Mary Elizabeth Frye
  2. “Life Is But a Stopping Place, a Pause in What’s to Be, A Resting Place Along the Road to Sweet Eternity.” – Unknown
  3. “And in the End, the Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make.” – The Beatles
  4. “Though Nothing Can Bring Back the Hour of Splendor in the Grass, Glory in the Flower. We Will Grieve Not, Rather Find Strength in What Remains Behind.” – William Wordsworth
  5. “The Song Is Ended, But the Melody Lingers On.” – Irving Berlin

Personal and Custom Memorial Sayings:

  1. “Your Smile Will Forever Be Our Sunshine.”
  2. “Your Legacy Lives On in the Hearts You Touched.”
  3. “In Honor of a Life Well Lived.”
  4. “A Beautiful Soul, Remembered Forever.”
  5. “Your Love and Laughter Will Echo Through Eternity.”
  6. “With Love and Fond Memories.”
  7. “Always in Our Thoughts, Forever in Our Hearts.”


When selecting a memorial saying, consider the beliefs, personality, and preferences of the deceased and their loved ones. You can also combine sayings or create a custom message that reflects the unique qualities and significance of the person being remembered. The goal is to offer comfort and pay tribute in a way that feels meaningful and authentic.

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