Brass Plaques

Brass Plaques surround you wherever you go. They come in form of memorial plaques, donor plaques, and plaques for institutions or businesses. They are extremely sturdy and durable, and are therefore commonly used as permanent signs.


There are many types of brass plaques available. The brass plauqe is composed of alloy and zinc elements. When left untouched, its color is similar to gold. Exposing the brass to oxygen darkens the color, and results in various colors and textures, according to the exposure. The finished product is anywhere between gold and black.

According to the plaque production process, and the protective coatings the plaque receives, the various plaques are suitable for different conditions. Some are suited for outdoor use, while others can endure only indoor conditions. When treated well, and used in the right conditions, the engraved brass plaques canstay impressive and beautiful for years.


Plaque Direct presents you with a remarkable selection of brass plaques to view, and to choose from. Have a look at our impressive gallery to get an idea of the options available.

The brass engraved plaques are fully customized to suit your needs. There are countless sizes and dimensions possible to fit any location. The plaques are engraved with the text, logo and design of your choice, for a delightful finished product.


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