Copper Plaques

As jewelry adorns our bodies, plaques adorn our walls. Whether in our home, office or church, plaques are not only there to convey a message, but also to create an atmosphere. Copper signs are a great choice when looking for a plaque that is both elegant and impressive. Many memorial plaques, dedication plaques and awards plaques are made of copper elements. Copper plaques are a great asset to any room.


Copper engraving is similar to the engraving of all other metals. The copper is etched using both CNC and pantograph engraving devices. The engraving is very precise, so both text and images can be engraved. The engraved areas are filled with a complimenting color of your choice.

Whether you’re seeking a home decoration, or need an impressive sign for work purposes, copper plaques never fail you. The size of the plaque is customizable to fit your requirements. Any length of text can be included, and our designers can add other decorative elements to enhance the plaque’s design.

Check out our gallery of copper signs below. Being that they are composed of both copper and zinc elements, they are sturdy and durable, and when used in the right conditions, they last for years. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our copper plaques.


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