Memorial Bench Plaques

A memorial bench plaque is a meaningful way of keeping alive the memory of a special person. A bench dedication plaque can also recognize the efforts of a family or organization that donated to the park, garden or other publicly enjoyed area.


When ordering memorial bench plaques, it is important to note that the installation area is very limited. A typical bench is composed of wooden planks, which form the seat and back of the bench. The standard location for plaque is in the center of the bench’s backrest. The plaque’s size will usually range anywhere from 4-20 sq. inches. It is essential that the bench plaque does not exceed the dimensions of the plank it is to be mounted on.

Being that the bench plaques are small in size, the amount of text that can be engraved is also limited. It’s best to highlight the name of the person whom the bench is dedicated to, and include only a brief amount of text.

When choosing the metal type for the bench plaque, be sure to make it’s strength and durability top priority, so it will remain beautiful through sun and rain. The color should be one that will complement the bench and its surroundings.

Below you will find a unique selection of memorial bench plaques. View the options available to determine which will suit your needs best.


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