In Loving Memory Plaques

After one’s passing, many express their love and dedication by preserving his or her legacy and accomplishments. Whether it’s a friend, relative, pet, or other beloved companion, a memorial enables us to hold on to and cherish his soul and spirit.


A memory plaque is often placed in a location were the person grew up, invested in or highly respected. It sometimes symbolizes a donation given by family members, in memory of their beloved one.

In loving memory plaques usually contain words of the principles he valued and the life he lived. Aside the demonstration of honor towards the deceased and his family, the memory plaque can also inspire others to send donations to this worthy cause.


In memory plaques are made of high quality brass or stainless steel, and receive special protective coatings to ensure they can endure all weather conditions. The plaques come with different installation options, making them appropriate for all surfaces.

Plaque Direct brings you a large selection of in loving memory plaques to choose from. The plaques are fully customizable, and the metal, size, colors, and text are all up to your design preferences. View our gallery below to discover the exquisite options available.


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