Cemetery Plaques

Commemorative plaques are produced with great sensitivity towards the deceased and his family. When designing a commemorative plaque it is essential to consider not only the plaque, but also the surface it will adorn. The plaque should complement the building, wall or monument, and should stand out so that it will be noticed by the passerby.

Another important element to consider are the conditions the commemorative plaque will endure. It’s okay if a plaque intended for indoor installation is delicate, while a plaque which will endure outdoor conditions must be strong and sturdy. Therefore, the metal used for monument plaques will be of different nature than the metal used in office plaques.

Plaque Direct offers you an impressive selection of commemorative plaques to choose from. The plaques are available in many colors and sizes, and can be engraved with the images and text of your choice. Our designers can assist you in selecting the most appropriate plaque. Feel free to scroll through our gallery and see the options available.


When producing cemetery plaques, it is vital that only sturdy and durable metals are used, to ensure they will endure outdoor conditions. The plaque is also coated with a special coating, protecting it from heat and moisture.

Memorial plaques for graves can be created in any size or dimension to conform with the cemetery regulations. When choosing the color of plaques for graves, it is important to select one that will compliment the gravestone and its surroundings.

Our graphic designers can assist you with the design and layout process. The grave plaques can be engraved with any length of text, and can include images and other design elements at no extra cost.

Just as we care for our loved ones during their lifetimes, we want only the best for them after their passing. The quality and beauty of Plaque Direct’s cemetery plaques will impress you for many years.


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