Dedication Plaques

One of the most common and popular ways to honor a beloved one who has passed on is to have something dedicated in his name. It can be by dedicating a new facility for public services, or by sponsoring a new wing in a community building. Dedicating a contribution in memory of a loved one is a beautiful way of to commemorate his lifetime.

The highlight of these dedications are always the dedication plaques. Placed in a central and prominent part of the facility, the dedication plaque usually expresses sincere gratitude to those who have contributed, and words of respect to the person it has been dedicated to


Whether honoring the memory of loved one, highlighting a historical landmark or building a new facility, you want to be sure that the dedication plaque will befit its cause. After investing so much money, time and thought into the dedication itself, the plaque should be selected carefully, relaying honor, respect and importance.

At Plaque Direct we specialize in making your dedication plaques beautiful, impressive and most of all noticeable. With a variety of colors, materials and sizes they can blend in nicely in every environment. We can design your dedication plaque according to your taste, and guarantee your complete satisfaction.


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