Aluminum Plaques

Choosing and designing a plaque is both a matter of taste and of the message it’s conveying. The gold and brown tones give a more heavy decorative look, while the silvery aluminum plaque has a more sleek and refreshing presence. Silver toned plaques are commonly found in offices and industrial buildings, and are a more modern non traditional choice.

Aluminum plaques are anodized in order to make them appropriate for outdoor use, and to prevent them from rusting. The anodizing produces a uniform coating, but unfortunately in many cases, microscopic cracks in the coating can lead to the aluminum plaque’s deterioration.


We at Plaque Direct are committed to only supply you with the highest quality plaques, and therefore recommend that you opt for the stainless steel plaque, rather than the aluminum plaque. Whether you’re looking to order an aluminum memorial plaque, or an aluminum address plaque, have in mind that stainless steel will require less maintenance and last longer in outdoor conditions. If for whatever reason you prefer the aluminum plaques, rather than the stainless steel, we can have them produced for you by custom order.

Below you can view our gallery of silver toned plaques. The engraving options are vast, feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding the plaque metal, and design.


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