Garden Plaques

Garden plaques and signs are a meaningful and beautiful asset to any garden or park. Sometimes they stand at the entrance attached to stone, stating the park name. In others are mounted on posts among the greens, naming the plants. But probably the most popular use of garden plaques is as memorial garden plaques.

Garden memorial plaques are usually installed to indicate the donation of a family in memory of their loved one. They state loving words to the deceased, and relay a message of hope and faith to others. Some memorial plaques for garden, are placed in ones private garden in memory of a beloved pet.


Plaque Direct’s garden plaques are produced with the utmost care and attention. The sizes vary, and many dimensions are available. Being that they are intended for outdoor use, only durable metals are used. The plaque receives a special coating, protecting it from moisture and heat. The plaque can be engraved with the wording of your choice, and images and sketches can also be inscribed.

View our beautiful gallery of engraved garden plaques, to reveal the amazing options available. Our team of professional designers can help you out with your order, and design the ultimate garden plaque for you.


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