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How important is the ability to remember in our life? The truth is that our life would be worthless without memories. One of the best services our memory provides is when we look back and recollect a pleasurable time we had, especially when the memory includes someone we love or admire.

Here’s a great way to preserve those memories – have them engraved on photo plaques! If you have these moments captured on a photo plaque, you will be sure to cherish them for a long time. Photo plaques are the key to keep on reliving your finest moments on a daily basis.


We specialize in creating plaques with pictures, sketches and illustrations. When you order your picture plaques online at Plaque Direct you can be sure that your cherished people and moments will be preserved in the most beautiful way.

We have a variety of colors to choose from, different types of metals, and installation options for indoors and outdoors. Our team of professional designers can create you an illustration based on your photo that is suitable for engravement. You can choose to add text to the plaque with picture or have the image speak for itself.

Whether made to give away as a gift, or made to keep as a memory. If it displays a family reunion photo, or a portrait of someone you miss. By choosing Plaque Direct you can be sure your photo plaque will look its best.

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