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Institutions and organizations will often feel the need to officially acknowledge those who have donated money or invested other resources into their honorable causes. It is not easy to impress those who are well off, especially if they donated generous sums. The token of appreciation will have to be personalized and touching. What could be more appropriate than a personalized donation plaque?


Plaques and awards are critical to symbolize the connection of the donor to your organization. They will usually deepen the relationship, resulting in long-term support. The donor will be constantly reminded of your appreciation to his generosity.

In addition, the donor plaques can also serve as an incentive to potential sponsors. Future donors will be pleased to see your organization’s deep gratitude to contributions. Consider it an investment to keep the funding bountiful.

Here at Plaque Direct you will find a large selection of donor plaques in a variety of colors, materials and sizes. All donor recognition plaques can be fully customized to meet your standards and expectations. Scroll through our gallery to find what suits you most. The donation plaques will be engraved with your logo, text and design preferences to best suit your needs.


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