Metal plaque in COVID time

COVID-19: Were In This Together

Covid-19 has vastly changed the way we as a community and the world live our daily lives and has awoken us to the importance more now than ever just how important and precious time is – both in our own lives as well as our time we keep with friends and family members.

These are difficult times and our team at Plaque Direct would like to extend our support and hearts to all of you – especially those affected directly due to the spread of this pandemic.

Plaque Direct’s Sanitary Precautions: The Upmost Care and Attention 

We would like to make your transition as easy as possible during these times especially. Our team at Plaque Direct is fully committed to ensuring the upmost care and attention to being 100% sterile in regards to all orders of plaques. All orders are vigorously cleaned and sterilized and taken with extreme precaution and care prior to shipment. Your safety and knowing you are cared for is the upmost important to us.

For those of you affected by Covid-19; we have rounded up the best ways to commemorate and adorn those you love and cherish below:

Showcasing Your Eternal Love

If a loved one has passed during Covid-19; there are many ways to show that their memory lives on. Whether it’s a memorial plaque for a bench, a garden memorial plaque, a tree plaque or cemetery plaque: we offer an easy and highly customizable order process that allows you to personalize your own plaque online in 5 simple steps.

Time Is Precious: Simple, sanitary, fast & effortless orders

We know that time is valuable and to make the process easier you, you can order easily and effortlessly online with us at Plaque Direct.

  • You can complete your order online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Our ordering process is hassle-free, user-friendly & a money back guarantee.
  • With only 5 simple steps, your order will be reviewed by our dedicated support representatives within 24 hours. Customizing your own unique plaque has never been easier!
  • Flexible, Customizable Design: We use a method called chemical etching to produce your plaque. This method is not only faster than other technologies but also flexible, accurate and reliable, ensuring that the final product matches your exact vision.
  • Our team is here to help. Whether it is with the order process, the design of your unique plaque, or with any questions you may have after completing your purchase. We pride ourselves on our personal customer service and see your satisfaction as our primary goal.

From our family at Plaque Direct to yours;
we are in this together.


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